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About Us

The Burning Question: Why Are We Called Harmonic Media?

Because it’s all about HARMONY. We’re skilled craftsmen, we love what we do, and without each other, we couldn’t exist.

Each member of the Harmonic Media team carries a unique talent that makes everything click. We balance each other out – yin to the yang, cheese to the macaroni – together, we work in harmony.

The Beginning

Many moons ago, a bright eyed and bushy tailed young man trekked his way from Minnesota to Denver. He didn’t have much of a “plan,” and found himself working in a graphics shop. From then on, his fate was sealed – and we now know him as Tyler. As Tyler learned his way around the graphics shop, he discovered he had a knack for the trade, and Harmonic Media was born.

A Family Business

You can’t talk about Harmonic Media without talking about Barb, a key player in Harmonic Media’s success. Whereas Tyler is the creative genius, Barb runs the business side of the house. Barb did some time in Corporate America years ago, but these days she’s using her powers (and her MBA!) for good.

Oh – and did we mention that Barb and Tyler are married and have 2 daughters? Almost every day, Barb and Tyler get questioned on what it’s like to run both a family and a business. For them, it’s a no brainer because they complement each other so well, in perfect harmony.

Today’s Harmonic Media

Today’s Harmonic Media family extends far beyond Tyler, Barb and their two girls. Harmonic is a home away from home, where people want to be every day. It’s a place where the team respects each other’s talents, knows each other’s families, and where clients are considered friends.

The Harmonic team takes pride in their work and each other, we dare say more than any other creative group in Denver. They push each other to think in new and creative ways, and they don’t quit until the job is done right. This unique situation is what makes Harmonic capable of innovating and creating high-quality products time and time again. They’re the kings of the industry!