Denver Museum of Nature & Science: Lady Bug Discovery Zone Exhibit

Denver Museum of Nature & Science: Lady Bug Discovery Zone Exhibit

It is all about the experience! When the Denver Museum of Nature and Science needs to get the point across, they come to us! This particular custom fabrication project was to promote the newest addition to the Museum, the Discovery Zone. Focused on kids, we put our heads together to get some awareness of this new, fun space by creating 3D props. These ladybugs were created out of a sculpted foam product that was hard coated and painted by hand. These experiential props were then scattered around Cherry Creek North and hung in trees up and down the streets. Directly below each piece was a sidewalk graphic that had marketing information about the expansion, along with some social media information. This was a great way to engage an audience and allow them to be part of the story. We have had several successful activations like this using a prop and a floor graphic to engage an audience with tangible, trackable results. These are fun social experiments in advertising, using the idea that most people look down when they are walking. It was great to see the result in accelerated interest after applying the ground graphics in Downtown Denver.