Grand Salon | Exterior Brick Wrap

Brick wraps using 3M brick vinyl are pretty amazing, a great alternative to paint with added flexibility of color image and application. Grand Salon approached us to talk through this application of their new logo to the side of their building. Here again, we started this process with an onsite consultation and survey to determine the proper size and placement of these logos. From there, mock ups were created to provide an example of what the final application would look like. Finally we took this project into production, printing and plotting the graphics at our Denver graphics lab. Finally we picked a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon and our graphics installation team got busy applying and heating the graphics onto the building covering bricks and mortar. Using Vinyl brick graphics has been a trend lately to freshen up exterior building projects. This material can be used to cover the face of steps, apply to CMU parking garage surfaces and any heavily textured, outdoor surface.