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The Burning Question: Why Are We Called Harmonic Media?

People ask us how we came up with the name Harmonic Media all the time. The truth is a friend just came up with it one day – and it was absolutely perfect. Harmony is what we’re all about! We’re skilled craftsmen, we love what we do, and without each other – we couldn’t exist.

It’s strange to think about what life was like before Harmonic. It’s been just over a decade since we started the business, but it feels like it’s always been here. Familiar. Like we’ve known each other since we were kids.

We’re old enough now that we sometimes feel nostalgic about the the good ol’ days. Before phone calls were intrusive, when street lights were your curfew, and your best friend was just a few houses away. That’s the feeling we want you to have when you work with us – like you’re with an old friend.

Working with Harmonic Media

To bring this concept into our business, we examined our relationships with the people closest to us – family, friends, even our partners and clients. We made a huge list of what makes these relationships tick, and narrowed it down to 6 principles we apply to everything we do. 


The relationship always comes first. At the shop – we have each other’s backs. Outside the shop – we’ll have yours.


We are in this together. We don’t think in terms of vendor vs. client, or boss vs. employee. We think in terms of us vs. the world!


The ability to create our own culture in our own business is an honor and a privilege. So we better do it right. At Harmonic, we lead with a culture of creativity, positivity, and support.


We work hard not only for our clients, but for ourselves. Yes, we like getting paid. But we’re also intrinsically motivated to do the best job possible. You will not see sh*tty work coming out of Harmonic Media. It just doesn’t happen.


Some of our partners and employees have been with us so long, they feel like family. But Harmonic Media is also literally a family business. Our founder, Tyler has been married to our CEO, Barb since before Harmonic existed. Together, the Lindvalls are the heartbeat of this organization.


Tyler’s from Minnesota and Barb is from Kansas. While term “Midwestern values” may sound a little hokey, when you work with Harmonic you’ll quickly learn (and appreciate) what it means. Our work ethic is strong, we take the high road, we value community, and our word is our bond.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Harmonic Media is committed to living this core set of values day in and day out. Learn more about how we can help you share your values and your stories with large format graphics! Contact Harmonic Media today

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