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Denver Broncos Tailgate POS Displays

The Denver Broncos’ marketing team and local grocer, King Soopers, had an idea to create POS displays for all of 115 Colorado grocery stores that would showcase different Sunday football comfort foods.

This project was right up our alley, serving both brands from initial idea, to design, and production. The process started with how to reliably construct POS displays that could hold products and still be sturdy without any setup hassle.

Once we came up with an idea for fabrication, it was time to get to work on the the graphics. Our team set out for a quick photo shoot of a pickup truck. We then altered the graphics to have a Denver Broncos theme that was perfect for product display. Once we had an approval from both parties, we direct printed the graphics using our flatbed UV printer onto full sheets of material. From there, the printed boards went to a cutting table where the cuts and scores were made. Finally, the finished POS displays were packed per unit, per store, and shipped out. 

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