Trade Shows: Portable Hardware

Trade Shows: Portable Hardware

Our line of portable hardware products allow great brand visibility in a small to medium space. Ultra lightweight, digitally printed fabric installed onto customized hardware is perfect for events, trade shows, or retail space.

Changeable graphics

With easily replaced graphics, you can quickly and inexpensively transform the display into a completely new look! It’s as simple as buttoning your shirt. Many companies will replace certain panels of their displays from show to show while keeping the branded panels consistent.


The same display can be used for many applications in many venues: trade shows, media presentations, retail showrooms, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate meetings, etc. Add lights, shelves, podiums and other accessories to accentuate your display.


Create an amazing visual impact! Infinite design configurations make your display refreshingly original! There is nothing else like it! Choose from 12 dynamic structures, with your choice of black or silver finish.

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