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Wayfinding Signs, Winter X Games 2015

The idea was huge! Aspen, Colorado’s Buttermilk Mountain has been hosting this celebrated event for years, but with no real way-finding signage. Harmonic Media was brought in to transform the experience during the Winter X Games in 2015. The problem was that there were four “villages” with no real separation. Participants of the festivities did not have a clear understanding of where they were or where to find what they wanted. This is where we came in. We were asked to design a look and feel for each of the areas while still being on brand with the overall look of the X Games. While our graphic designers here in Denver were pushing along, we were also working on several interactive props for this winter staple. Harmonic Media was asked to create a variety of large props, such as a gaming controller for the major league gaming village, hashtag ice letters for the playground village, and a few giant X Games logos, and we nailed it! These were constructed out of foam sculpting material and painted to suit with some vinyl graphic add-ons and the end result was amazing! These ideas, along with oversize photo frames, custom way-finding signage, and general event graphics were a social media wonderland for this amazing client. It was truly an inspiring project that turned into a great relationship that has transpired into Summer X Games in Austin, TX. There are many more great things to come from this staple of Colorado mountain lifestyle and action sports.

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