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social distance decals


Keep Customers & Employees Safer with Distance Decals

As businesses slowly reopen throughout the country, it’s imperative customers, employees, and retailers comply with social distancing recommendations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Staying a minimum of 6′ from others is recommended for most people, when possible. in But what is 6 feet exactly? A Tiger King? A sofa? A couple of golden retrievers? Applying social distance decals 6 feet apart in your retail establishment will serve as a great reminder of what 6 feet really looks like.

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Social Distancing Floor Decal Applications 

Harmonic Media is partnering with our parent company Harmonic Cornhole Co. to bring you customizable social distance decals. Our semi-permanent social distance decals are durable, mop-friendly, and anti-slip.

Social distance floor stickers are perfect for use in retail and grocery stores, curbside pickup locations, banks, or any area with a high volume of foot traffic. 

Harmonic’s floor stickers are 12″ in diameter and can be applied within minutes to tile, laminate, sealed concrete, metal, painted floors, low-pile carpet, sealed wood, and more. 


Customized Social Distance Decals 

Need ​​branded, or customized social distance stickers? No problem! We can accommodate custom projects and bulk orders.  Email info@getharmonic.com, fill out our form, or give us a good ol’ fashioned phone call at 303-565-4655

Help your customers and employees reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19. Stay safer with social distancing decals. 

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