Large Format Graphics

Union West – Trailer Wrap

When we team up with our friends at AOR, you can bet that there will be some boundaries pushed! This vinyl wrap was one of a kind and a very unique application. We were asked to assist with renovations on the interior of a temporary model home while the units were being built. The idea was to make the exterior of this basic trailer a giant advertisement of sorts. It was to serve as an attention getter to motorists passing by as well as to provide information about how the units and their respective grounds would look once the work was done. The interior was decked out in informational signage and large format graphics that told the story of what it would feel like to live in the proposed space well before a single unit was even built! Harmonic Media produced the wonderfully designed (by AOR) collage that was then installed on the interior of the space. The result was a great attention getter from the outside and the interior graphics gave you the info you needed. This goes to show that we can put a vinyl wrap on almost anything, and we sure do love the challenge!